Mobile App Development

App Development

Mobile is about much more than just apps-- it's about delivering exactly what the user wants at the right moment. Whether it's a consumer app, an internal product, or a business solution, a mobile application may be the best tool for the end user. Through user research and strategy, we'll identify the needs of the users and design a product that solves real world problems.?

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Business Apps

We have developed varied business and enterprise level mobile apps for Android and iOS platform. Developed to match the optimum performance and offline storage and sync, these apps constitutes the most productive assets for our clients.

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Ecommerce App

We excel in developing e-commerce apps with advanced functionality such as user logins, online payment processing, user profile and invoice management, we also provide features such as CRM integration, delivery tracking and real time updates.

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Educational Apps

Keeping in mind the ever-growing education industry, we can develop custom Education Apps earning apps and toddlers learning. These apps are amongst the highest downloaded apps in App Store. with lots of intergrations such as login a user platforms

App Development

iOS is a powerful mobile platform that powers over 2 million apps in the Apple ecosystem. Snyxius creates beautiful and scalable Native iOS Apps for consumers and businesses using Objective C and SWIFT. From Social Messaging to On-demand marketplaces, our iOS app development experience spans multiple industries. We focus on providing a great user experience that increases app engagement and helps you acquire and retain users. Whether you are a startup looking to build an iOS MVP or an enterprise looking to leverage big data / workflows through iOS mobility solutions, Modtech is the right custom app development partner for you.

App Development

Android is the leading mobile ecosystem with over 1.4 billion users on it. With such a vast and global reach its imperative android is part of every mobile strategy. Modtech is experienced android app development team that can build and scale applications to support millions of users. We tie our Android app backend systems to cloud platforms and integrate with third party APIs and legacy systems. As an Android app development company, our developers are experienced in Google Material Design and deliver high quality enterprise & consumer apps.